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"Amy's style was great - 

kept me engaged the entire day

and I enjoyed her laid-back style and humor."
- Participant

Presentation Skills

Presentation Basics – Full-day workshop for less-experienced presenters to build confidence and practice basic skills. This session focuses on delivery techniques, telling a better story and handling Q&A and includes videotaping and peer/facilitator feedback. Ideal for six to eight participants.


Beyond the Basics – Full-day workshop at an advanced level to strengthen overall presence of frequent presenters. Ideal for six to eight participants.


Presenting Creative – Full-day workshop tailored for art directors, copywriters and designers to overcome the most common challenges of presenting creative work. Ideal for six to eight participants and recommended for partners to attend together.


Thinking on Your Feet – Two-hour session to increase confidence with Q&A. Participants practice handling questions using a logical, five-step process and learn to manage difficult questions. As many as 25 participants.


Customized sessions for large audiences to strengthen presence in the room, tell a better story and use visual aids effectively.

Communication Skillls

Assertiveness Training – Half-day, interactive session to build confidence among newer employees who may be reluctant to contribute fully to a team. Topics include boosting presence, participating more, reading audience cues and navigating conflict situations. Maximum of 12. 

DiSC Training - Half-day program focused on strengthening communication and teamwork skills. During the session, participants gain self-awareness and engage in group discussion to better understand various work styles. Ideal for10 - 40 participants from cross-functional teams, leadership teams or entire departments.

Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Training – Multi-session program using the Five Behaviors Assessment to help intact teams build trust, engage in productive conflict, build commitment, hold each other accountable for deliverables, and work toward collective results. Ideal for work teams of five to 12.

Management Training

​​Management Training – Two-day session to elevate managers from a tactical role to a stronger leadership role. The session’s objectives are to increase effectiveness in the areas of teamwork, communication, conflict management, delegation, feedback and leadership presence. Ideal for 15 participants.


Performance Management – Half-day session on setting goals, providing performance feedback and writing evaluations. Ideal for 12 – 15 people responsible for providing performance feedback to direct reports. (Also available as a one-hour webinar.)


Giving & Receiving Feedback – Three-hour workshop focused on how to receive feedback and give performance feedback to direct reports, managers and peers. Maximum of 15 participants.

Supervisory Skills – Two-day workshop co-facilitated with Mark Harris. Designed to improve effectiveness with direct reports in the areas of leadership, performance management, communication, conflict management and coaching. Ideal for 20 – 30 first-time or experienced managers.

Writing Skills

Communicating in Writing – Full-day session to strengthen email and paragraph writing. Objectives include choosing the appropriate tone, using the WriteTool™ to structure a compelling recommendation, improving flow, eliminating extra words and overcoming common grammar and email etiquette issues. Available as a half-day session. Maximum of 12 participants.

Deck Writing­ – Half-day session focused on improving presentation content by telling a better story, streamlining visuals, and setting the stage with an opening hook. Maximum of 10.

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writing skills
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