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I would love to have the opportunity to take other workshops she teaches
- Mid-Level Manager from a virtual workshop

Presentation Skills

Presenting Virtually – Three-hour workshop to strengthen presence via phone and virtual platforms. Focus is on best practices for preparation, delivery, etiquette, content and overcoming communication barriers. Participants deliver two presentations that they record. Maximum of eight. 


Presentation Basics (less-experienced presenters), Beyond the Basics (frequent presenters) and Presenting Creative (art directors and copywriters) – Targeted 90-minute virtual sessions to build confidence and overall presence. Topics include managing nerves and Q&A, preparation, delivery, content and visuals. Includes one 30-minute coaching session per attendee to discuss video recordings with the facilitator.


Thinking on Your Feet – One-hour workshop to help participants better manage Q&A. Content includes anticipating questions, using a five-step approach to handle questions, and preparing for difficult questions. Maximum of 12.


Communication Skills

Assertiveness Training – Three-hour interactive session to build confidence among newer employees who may be reluctant to contribute fully to a team. Topics include boosting presence, participating more, reading audience cues and navigating conflict situations. Maximum of 12.


DiSC Training – Two-hour session to strengthen teamwork and increase effectiveness in the workplace. Ideal for an intact team to gain self-awareness and better understand how people with different styles approach teamwork, communication and conflict. Maximum of 25.

Leadership Skills

Management Training – Various options that include 90-minute virtual sessions plus one-on-one coaching with the facilitator to increase self-awareness around management styles. Training covers communication, conflict management, delegation, feedback and leadership presence (optional). Maximum of 15.


Giving & Receiving Feedback – 30-minute virtual workshop to cover best practices of delivering performance feedback plus one-on-one coaching with the facilitator for each attendee to test the techniques. Maximum of 15.

Writing Skills

Communicating in Writing – Two-hour, interactive workshop focused on writing better emails. Topics include choosing the appropriate tone, organizing the message, avoiding grammatical errors and editing unnecessary content. Maximum of 12. 


Deck Writing­ – One-hour session focused on improving presentation content by telling a better story, streamlining visuals and setting the stage with an opening hook. Maximum of 20.