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“Amy was a rockstar! Her feedback coupled with solutions was very effective.”

- Participant

“Amy was insightful, knowledgeable and an obvious pro

who gave great advice and emanates confidence to the room.“

- Account Manager

"I am so thankful that Amy wasn’t scared to point out flaws in a very specific way.

She was humorous and warm and helpful.“

- Participant

“Amy is great. Couldn’t be better.”

- Copywriter

“I am so grateful to you for the work that you did with my team. I can’t tell you how many of our associates

have approached me to share their overwhelmingly positive thoughts on your course.”

- Executive Vice President

"Amy is always a great presenter and sets up a dialog where she isn’t just talking at you."

- Participant

“Amy did a spectacular job showing us many common mistakes we make in grammar and

how to organize our thoughts more precisely.”

- Senior Media Buyer

"Amy is great! She was helpful and unbiased, giving great real-world examples to illustrate her points."

- Participant

“She’s fantastic, fun,

and made sure to make the lesson

about us and our challenges.”

- Content Strategist

"Would recommend this workshop to current, former and future colleagues – enjoyed Amy’s demeanor and conversation. I really enjoyed the workshop."

- Participant

“Really personable. Broke things down into easy steps. Answered questions thoroughly.”

- Art Director

"Amy is terrific at making a potentially dry subject engaging and entertaining. Learned useful tools!"

- Participant

“Fantastic. To the point and very constructive.”

- Art Director

"She’s the best, no really."

– Senior Account Executive

"I’ve enjoyed all classes with Amy. Really enjoy how she is a leader and teacher, but relatable and approachable."

– Senior Media Buyer

"She is very talented because she can immediately help someone on a major skill."

The fact that I have three key takeaways is super helpful."

– Account Manager

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